• Question: what do you think we will evolve into in many years

    Asked by bump351air to Helen, Farah, Dave, Cheryl, Bastian, Alun on 11 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Dave Underhill

      Dave Underhill answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      The honest answer is we have no idea – Evolution is random and not guided so really anything could happen. However, we can take a guess at what could happen based on our knowledge of how evolution works. Since our ancestors started using tools 3.5 million years ago our evolution has started to be affected. Our teeth have been able to shrink for instance as we have developed tools to do the job of cutting and pounding meat etc. Now we have developed more and more tools to do jobs for us meaning we do not need to biologically evolve to perform certain tasks, instead we evolve the tools which have ultimately allowed us to develop bigger and bigger brains. However, think about how we live nowadays and follow it to the logical end product – have you seen wall-e? humans who spend all day being driven around in automatic chairs staring down screens and eventually lose the structural integrity of their bones! obviously, this is an extreme example but rather than developing new biological abilities we could well start to lose the ones we have, however, having said that we are already the most general creature in the world – not specifically adapted to any one environment but capable of adapting to any. One often cited biological possibility for the future is the increase in the size and strength of thumbs due to using mobile phones 🙂 the truth is no one knows….

    • Photo: Cheryl Williams

      Cheryl Williams answered on 11 Jun 2019:

      I’m not an expert on evolution but I agree with Dave. I think as humans we are not going to evolve much more than what we already are, humans do not need to evolve to survive any more. The human race may just change as Dave has described!