• Question: what is a bio medical scientist?

    Asked by item351can to Cheryl on 20 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Cheryl Williams

      Cheryl Williams answered on 20 Jun 2019:

      A Biomedical Scientist works in a hospital pathology lab. They test samples from patients to help diagnose diseases. Samples include wee, poo, blood, swabs from wounds, tumour samples, pus, etc.
      There are several areas that Biomedical Scientists can work in:
      Haematology – analyse blood and it’s components to diagnose diseases like anaemia and leukaemia.
      Biochemistry – analyse blood samples to monitor kidney and liver function, hormone levels, and diagnose diabetes.
      Histology – analyse tissue samples to diagnose cancer
      I work in Microbiology, I analyse samples to look for bacteria and viruses that cause infections such as flu, food poisoning and wound infections. We report our findings to doctors who can then treat the patients appropriately.